BIC - G-Board EVO Surfboards

BIC - G-Board EVO Surfboards

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To meet the needs of the surf club and school sectors, we’ve
conceived the G-Boards, a range of foam construction boards
to meet the needs of surf clubs, rental companies, and schools,
or learners and families looking for the safest possible start
to surfing. The G-Boards EVO range of soft boards focuses on
several clear performance criteria:
• A full soft construction for maximum safety, comfort and
no stress surfing.
• Good volume and stability for catching waves and standing
up easily right from the start.
• Reliable surfing performance for ongoing progression.
• As with all BIC Surf products, long term durability for
years of reliable use, even when used in a surf school environment.

To meet these criteria:
• Short and wide boards, with good volume and a relatively flat deck, offer the most stable platform for your first take offs.
• Proven rocker lines, rail shapes and board outlines surf great when you start to progress.
• The core of the board is made from a high quality blank
of closed-cell, fully watertight foam, unique to G-Boards.
• A composite stringer gives the board good stiffness
along its length, and the «Slick Skin» bottom gives the
board excellent glide, cushioning bumps and offering impressive knock-resistance.
• A laminated foam non-skid deck is comfortable to paddle, take-off and stand-up on.
• The flexible soft fins are very safe, yet still offer suitable surfing performance and durability for learning.

4 key sizes of G-Boards EVO boards mean that you can find the
right board
for any size surfer
- 5’6 : ≤ 110lbs / 50kg, ideal for kids
- 7’0 : ≤ 145 lbs / 65kg
- 8’0 : ≤ 165lbs / 75kg
- 9’0 : ≥ 165lbs / 75kg
Get you, your family, your renters, or your students hooked on
surfing right from the start! Make the right choice of a safe
board that is easy to learn on, fun to surf for progressing riders,
and built to last.

A) G-Board EVO - 9’0”
Length: 9'0"/ 274 cm
Width: 23.75" / 60 cm
Thickness: 4.20" / 10.5 cm
Fin set-up: Soft Thruster

B) G-Board EVO - 8’0”
Length: 8'0" / 244 cm
Width: 23.00'' / 58 cm
Thickness: 3.50"" / 9.0 cm
Fin set-up: Thruster Tri, G-Board Soft

C) G-Board EVO - 7’0”
Length: 7'0'' / 213 cm
Width: 22.00'' / 56 cm
Thickness: 3.00'' / 7.6 cm
Fin set-up: Thruster Tri, G-Board Soft

D) G-Board EVO Kid Twin - 5’6”
Length: 5'6" / 168 cm
Width: 19.40" / 49 cm
Thickness: 2.50" / 9 cm
Fin set-up: Twin Fin