BIC - Ace-Tec Surfboards

BIC - Ace-Tec Surfboards

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BIC Sport’s ACE-TEC (Epoxy Composite) construction
technique produces a board that is approximately 30%
more durable while being almost identical with regard to
stiffness and weight when compared to a similar polyester
constructed surfboard. To accommodate the needs of
more advanced surfers, ACE-TEC surfboards provide
shapes that not only suit the intermediate surfer, but also
experienced riders who know how to ride a surfboard.

Noserider - 9’4”
The 9’4” Nose Rider is focused on a more traditional nose
riding, old-school style of longboarding. Particularly suited
for mid to heavy weight riders the 9’4 has a good volume
for easy take offs and stable nose rides.
Length: 9’4” // 285 cm Width: 22.75” // 58 cm
Weight: 16.5 lbs // 7.5 Kg Thickness: 3” // 7.6 cm
Volume: 78 L
Fin set-up: 2+1 (1 FCS Dolphin 10” + 2 FCS G-L)

Longboard - 9’0”
Handling both small waves and pumping swell with style,
the Classic Longboard offers both beginners and seasoned
noseriders a ride with endless possibilities! Effortlessly
bringing together modern technology with old-school style,
our 9’0” will satisfy surfers of all levels.
Length: 9.0’ // 276 cm Width: 22.25” // 57 cm
Weight: 15.5 lbs // 7.10 Kg Thickness: 2.75” // 7 cm
Volume: 66 L
Fin set-up: 2+1 (1 FCS Dolphin 8” + 2 FCS G-L)

Performer - 7’6”
Combining that elusive blend of versatility and performance
with unbeatable durability, the 7’6” Performer lives
up to its name! Possessing the stability and ease of a
longboard with integral design elements of a quick-turning
shortboard, the Performer offers you the chance to pump
up your surfing technique while decreasing your board
Length: 7’6’’// 228 cm Width: 21.4” // 54 cm
Weight: 12.5 lbs // 5.6 Kg Thickness: 2.75” // 7 cm
Volume: 51 L
Fin set-up: FCS M-5 (Inside Foil Technology, 111x115mm)